So I haven’t been here for a long time. Lost my momentum on a few things but it’s Jan. 1 so time for a restart. I’ve been struggling with weight, bad eating habits, bad emotional habits so let’s give this another shot. I’m back to 60mg dose of Cymbalta. I tried 30mg to see if … More 2016


Depression and anxiety have been part of my life for so long but I think I’m only recently starting to recognize the unique variations, and relate to what I hear and read from so many others. I’ve heard people use phrases like “today is dark” but could never really relate. Even when I finally realized … More Connections…

21 day fix?

I’m such a skeptic about all of these “quick fix” and “miracle” solutions for getting healthy. However, I’ve met people who have had amazing results with the 21 day fix. So…I’m giving it a try. It actually seems fairly straightforward and simple…portion control, healthy choices, and exercise. I created my meal plan and just finished … More 21 day fix?

Value of Vacation

I spent last week away visiting family. Reconnecting with relatives I don’t see often was such a treat. Being in a small town was an unexpected added bonus; it forced me to disconnect from the constant barrage of technology. That forced relaxation was amazing. I read a book, an actual book made of paper! (Side … More Value of Vacation