Hello world! Watch this space…

This random journey called life has been in progress for 40+ years for me and is taking an exciting new turn with this blog. Watch this space for highlights (and sometimes lowlights), my random (and often rambling) thoughts, and the things that help me navigate on this happy and sad, exciting and terrifying, funny and frustrating, planned and random journey that is my life.

Not entirely sure yet where this is going, and that’s the point (or at least my way of justifying that my “plan” went as far as, “hell yeah I can start a blog!” and the rest is yet to be determined. You’ll probably read about what makes me laugh, what I love and hate, my treks through the ups and downs of depression and anxiety, and who knows what else.

I hope to learn. Learn about myself. Learn about my strengths and weaknesses. Learn about what other people think and do as they navigate life. Hope a few brave souls will join me here to adventure with me.


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