Rainy Saturday…(Updated)

It’s raining so much here today that I may need a boat to leave the house. Except that I have no current plans to leave the house, I already did that once today and that means I don’t need to again.

I started the day, before the clouds exploded, by going for a facial. Best. Decision. Ever. Not only did she make my face feel brand new, I got a hand and foot massage too…so relaxing!

That very practical part of my brain said, “Okay Lisa, now that you’ve had a relaxing hour here, it’s time to get shit done today! You should get groceries, clean the house, and do some laundry.”

Then the sweet-jebus-I-am-so-relaxed-right-now part of my brain said, “Nope.”

Fast forward to eight hours later and since that oh so blissful appointment this morning I have accomplished the following:

  • ate breakfast (thanks to McD’s I didn’t even have to clean the kitchen. Whoever invented the drive through is my hero.)
  • caught up on my “stories” recorded on the DVR from this week. (Victor did WHAT?!?!)
  • napped (and by “napped” I don’t mean any of that rest-for-twenty-minutes-to-feel-refreshed-and-energized hogwash, I mean I slept for a full afternoon. Hell yeah, I can nap!)
  • drank an iced coffee (you know, to wake up after my three hour nap aka hibernation)
  • surfed the internet (day is not complete without at least an hour of that. Besides, then I can say, “I went surfing today so I don’t need to work out.”)
  • remembered I started a blog this week so thought I better post something (yup, that’s what this is.)

There you go, I accomplished six very important things today and it’s only dinner time. I think I hear netflix calling my name…time to relax and binge watch after accomplishing so much today. (Since I’ll be awake all freakin’ night anyway!)


UPDATE: I suspect I might be a nocturnal animal (who, me?). It’s 1:16am and I actually accomplished something productive tonight. Well, productive might be a stretch for some but I’m going with it. At 9pm I decided I should get off my ass and go get those groceries I thought about 12 hours earlier. So, I did. I braved the rain and the wind (and my serious bedhead hair from that epic nap) and hauled my butt to the supermarket. Celebrated when I found a cart that was not chained to the other 176 carts in the store that require a loonie (one dollar coin for any non-Canucks (you know, Canadians) out there) to liberate it from that chain gang. Loaded that mofo up with all the fixings for home made egg mcmuffins (inspired by my gourmet breakfast), a new toilet brush (for someday when I actually will clean the house), a bag of pretzels, and a jar of Reese peanut butter chocolate spread.

…STOP RIGHT THERE….yes, I said Reese peanut butter chocolate spread. I can now eat Reese peanut butter cups with a spoon. This stuff is magical:

Reese magic

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