Some Assembly Required

Part of my journey right now is trying to be more active. For the obvious reasons of wanting to be healthier and lose weight. Also because I like cake. Seriously though, I want to add regular exercise to my arsenal for managing my depression and anxiety. Medication has made an incredible difference for me. Except for the seriously ridiculous sweating. (What the hell drugs? I sweat enough as it is, I don’t need that extra deluge whenever you feel so inclined!) I figure if I’m already sweating, I might as well be doing something to make it worthwhile, so more exercise it is. Walking is good, and a great stress reliever or just mind release in the middle of a busy day. I’m such a homebody — also known as some days I just can’t work up the social strength to leave the house — that I needed something for home too.

My solution: this week, I bought a pilates machine. One of the selling features was “it’s already 98% assembled”. That last 2% is a real jerk. If the other 98% had to be assembled by me, I would be packing that sucker up for return right now. Is assembly supposed to be more of a workout than the machine will actually provide long term? But I persevered, that pilates machine (which I think may actually be a torture device) was not going to kick my ass tonight! Assembly is done…well, except for that one part that just won’t fit and I need the hammer I can’t find to give it some encouragement. Sounds like a good morning task to me.

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