So I haven’t been here for a long time. Lost my momentum on a few things but it’s Jan. 1 so time for a restart. I’ve been struggling with weight, bad eating habits, bad emotional habits so let’s give this another shot. I’m back to 60mg dose of Cymbalta. I tried 30mg to see if I could wean myself off since I generally don’t like taking meds unless I really need them. Discovered I really need the higher dose. I. Was. Not. Happy. Guess it just confirmed that this depression and anxiety is real and not “just in my head” which came with a sense of relief. It’s real. I need the meds to help. That’s okay. Also went right back to eating horribly and giving in to every craving. Likely a connection between the too but there are also some well rooted eating habits there. Gained more weight and now at my highest ever…boo! But, today is about the change. I’m trying the 3-day refresh from beach body, starting today. So far, so good. Also getting back into the habit of planning and prepping meals for the upcoming week – that makes it so much easier to kick cravings right out the window when I have all the healthy choices ready to go. So here goes, here’s to making some small changes throughout 2016 in the hopes they all add up to big differences. And I might just be back on here too!

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